Film shows footage from some of the projects I did, or in which I was cooperating as a cinematographer and ...

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ZMorph 2.0 SX

ZMorph 2.0 SX commercial made by Sowie Studio for Zmorph. After announced of ZMorph 2.0 SX Multitool 3D Printer back in April ...


Dizaster Magazine’s Skate Trip

Few days adventure organised by Dizaster Magazine for few of top polish skateboarders taken place in Copenhagen, Denmark.


I Won

At the age of merely, 19 SŇāawek was diagnosed¬†with a tumour.¬†The diagnosis¬†seemed almost like a sentence – the doctors wanted ...



It’s a movie about our passion, designed to show you the world of trips, wipe outs, high-fives, tricks, but above ...

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Restaurant Week

Restaurant Week’s official promotional film. The project was an experimental way of cooperation between the visual side with the enourmously ...

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Short documentary realized during FilmSpring Open workshops in Cracov. It tells the story of Kacper’s family and their shared love ...

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Sowie Studio Showreel

We introduce you our showreel . You’ll see the selected material from our film projects from the past year. It ...

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Warsaw Calling x 1500m2

Official aftermovie of the Warsaw Calling birthday party in the 1500m2 club in Warsaw.

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Sowite Swieta

Commercial made for Soviet¬†Studio with the purpose of reminding people and customers that creating a content isn’t everything, especially by ...


Olimpijczyk Foundation

Commercial made for Olimpijczyk Foundation which helps addicted sportsmen. Involving Andrzej Iwan who is legendary polish footballer most known for ...

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BmxCamp 2015

BmxCamp 2015 is the fourth edition of the camp for all those who are interested in starting their adventure with ...

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Critical Point

The Documentary short about Klemens Muranka who is one of the greatest ski jumpers in Poland. His accident became a ...


Misja Beton Project

Teaser of the project called “Misja Beton” which purpose is to rebuild and fix existing street spots around Poland.



Nearly 2 weeks long trip along Western Coast of USA with fresh new rider in AveBmx team.


AveBmx Liverpool Trip

The ending of the BMX season is a perfect time to summaries. After our we decided to celebrate the end ...


Stay Tripped: Macedonia

Together with group of very great people of mine we headed towards Macedonia this time. Stay tripped y’all! Music: Beirut ...



Graduation short drama in which I was DP, made due to Cinematography Course on Academy of Film and Television in ...



‘Flow’ is a short documentary about the man with passion, and passion of people he works with. ‘Flow’ to kr√≥tki ...



The film shows footage from some of the projects I did, or in which I was cooperating as a cinematographer ...


AveBmx Polish Trip

Trip with awesome people through two, big polish cities to find fresh spots and on them with bmx bikes. Time ...


BmxCamp 2014

Film from one of the BmxCamp episodes this year. This place is filled with many kids with their bikes for ...


AveBmx x Rush

Commercial based on the Rush quote: “No need to rush” showing collaboration between AveBmx and them, and final product made ...


AveBmx Shop

Commercial shows in an amusing the way the shop works, how it looks from the inside, and how huge the ...


Albert Piotrowski for DC

Commercial made for DC shoes showing the incredible skills of their young rider, Albert Piotrowski. This was a very common ...

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