Flow – Short Documentary

‘Flow’ is a short documentary about man with passion, and passion of people he works with.



Film shows footage from some of the projects I did, or in which I was cooperating as a cinematographer and ...


AveBmx Polish Trip

Trip with awesome people through two, big polish cities to find fresh spots and on them with bmx bikes. Time ...


BmxCamp 2013

Film from one of the BmxCamp episodes this year. This place is filled with many kids with their bikes for ...


Riga & Vilnius Trip

Getting chance to change your natural enviroment and look for something new, fresh to ride is always a good thing ...


AveBmx x Rush Collaboration

Commercial based on the Rush quote: “No need to rush” showing collaboration between AveBmx and them, and final product made ...


Showreel 2013

Part of the footage for most of the projects which were made in previous year. Big thanks for everybody who ...


AveBmx Shop Commercial

Commercial shows in an amusing the way the shop works, how it looks from the inside, and how huge the ...


Albert Piotrowski DC SHOES edit

Commercial made for DC shoes showing the incredible skills of their young rider, Albert Piotrowski. This was a very common ...


AveBmx Team at Szamotuły Jam

Video report shows event whick took place in small, polish town called – Szamotuły. Event was supported by AveBmx, that’s ...


Lukasz Pluta 2012 edit

Lukasz spent a lot of time search the streets of Warsaw for new spots. Every bmx rider is a traveler ...


Slovenia Trip

A week-long trip to marvellous capital of Slovenia – Ljubliana, breathtaking seaside, and some other, smaller towns all the the ...

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