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My filming adventure began approximately 6 years ago and since that time literally, I’ve never been a┬áreal freelancer as always have been dreaming of. Why? On one hand, I always was finding people that had wanted to collaborate with me – which is fine because I still don’t know if being a freelancer is better than being a DP in certain film company without much of free time for projects with other people. On the other hand feeling of safety always attracts, and we need to avoid it as far it is possible especially when we are young. I believe that young filmmakers need to risk really often and freelancing is this kind of a road filled with bumps and holes, but you are in your own car and you drive it, no one else. That’s major pros and there’s nothing better than feeling you are valuable enough to work with different people systematically.

One of an example of how lucky I sometimes feel as a newly became freelancer DP in London… Saturday morning, I seat in a kitchen finishing my usual breakfast. My phone starts to ring. Day after I am working on a set with a brilliant director on a new music clip. Living in London is hard as fuck but if I will manage to live and work as a DP here, all the mental borders will go away forever.


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