Howdy everyone! It has been quite long time since I posted the last time. Well, there is a reason. Maybe even few reasons. However, as Christmas time is coming closer I’m a bit more free to take care of everything I neglected recently.

Firstly, I wanted to share with you a couple of stills from the latest short film I’ve worked on as a DP. Equipment wise it was really straight forward set: A7sII, set of redheads and couple of creative solutions how to light tiny spaces. Nevertheless, I’m really happy we’ve managed to nail the most of the scenes we planned to do in two days only (19 pages script LOL). Anyway, less talk. More proofs.


doanew12 doanew17 doanew11 doanew10 doanew8 doanew9 doanew4 doanew2 doanew1 doa15 doa8 doa5

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