Mateusz Kanownik - Cinematographer | About
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For Mateusz as an extreme sports enthusiast and adventure seeker, it all started with capturing skateboarders and BMX riders when he was 17. That’s when he has found his deep love for photography and cinematography. After several years he decided to get further into filmmaking world and he moved out to the UK. He studied cinematography at Ravensbourne Univesity in London, got into National Film and Television School in Beaconsfield but refused the invitation and moved back to his motherland. He’s now based in Warsaw, Poland where he works on various, challenging projects.

Openness, ambition and hard work are Mateusz’s trademarks. His keen eye pays attention to every detail and skilfully documents the surrounding reality – or fantasy.


He’s worked for such brands as:

Pepsi, Nike, McDonald’s, Mastercard, PZU, Sizeer, Kaufland, VOX, Finiata.

Represented By

Karolina Kowalczyk

+48 781 572 848


Jagoda Jędrzejewska

+48 695 076 695