Mateusz Kanownik

Is a director of photography raised in Poland living and working in London.

He is a graduate of the Academy of Film and Television in Warsaw and current student at Ravensbourne. With a massive background in extreme sports cinematography (more than 120 productions published worldwide) in the middle of 2015, he became a freelancer working on numerous, diverse film projects around Poland and Europe. Filmmaking is his biggest passion.

He devoted his mind and heart to it.

Recent Projects:

2017 – “I Love You More” (short film) – Dir. Julia Stakhorska / DP: Mateusz Kanownik
2017 – “Dream” (short experimental) – Dir. Maciej Jaszczynski / DP: Mateusz Kanownik
2017 – “Watching” (short film) – Dir. Sam Rielly / DP: Mateusz Kanownik
2016 – Papaya Films Original Series: “Legal Culture” (web commercial) – Dir. Magdalena Zielinska / DP: Mateusz Kanownik
2016 – Michael Diana – “Run With Me” (music clip) – Dir. Darren Brandsford / DP: Mateusz Kanownik
2016 – “D.O.A” (short film) – Dir. Darren Brandsford / DP: Mateusz Kanownik
2016 – “I Won” (documentary) – Dir. Mateusz Kanownik / DP: Mateusz Kanownik
2016 – “The Audition” (short film) – Dir. Wade Bro Productions / Spark: Mateusz Kanownik
2016 – “Another Day, Another Time” (short film) – Dir. Ivan Tan / Spark: Mateusz Kanownik
2016 – “A Quiet Room in Walthamstow” (short film) – Dir. Tiago Teixeira / Spark: Mateusz Kanownik


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