2nd month of my new life

A 2nd month since I’ve moved to London goes by today. Any thoughts?

I’ve gained more humility – that’s for sure. Beginnings are always challenging, even tough you are prepared, you saved some money and you feel that your skills will bring you projects and money in the blink of an eye. I’ve sent more than 80 emails, I’ve worked 2 weeks as a waiter and editor (none of those professions are my dream ones) and I’ve spent 2 days without literally ANY money on both of bank accounts of mine. Things like that teach you to appreciate little things, little successes when you slowly move forward and you cannot allow yourself to be punished but no one¬†else than yourself. Right now I’m packing my gear for the equipment check before tomorrow shooting – I’m DP on the a documentary short for a really good company. Every day we made our steps, sometimes backwards, another time big lean forward – c’est la vie!


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